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All Jingle packages include all
possible permutations of each 
60 sec. mix
including instrumental mixes, 
open only, close only. dbl donuts ect...
These productions are based and a 
full sing 60 sec. music master.
Each package includes both a 
10 sec. and 30 sec. version of all spots

Each original piece of music can be 
licenced for a period of time and 
location or can be a buyout where 
the buyer would own the recording
masters outright.

Copyright © 1994 All Rights Reserved. 
Unauthorized reproduction, hiring,
downloading, copying, lending, public
performance, and broadcast prohibited.

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Copyright © 1994 All Rights Reserved. 
Unauthorized reproduction, hiring,
downloading, copying, lending, public
performance, and broadcast prohibited.



We actually started out in the jingle business in New York back in 1975 and have done hundreds of commercials to date...Please feel free to consult with us reguarding your business project. Super Markets,
Banks, Jewelry Stores, Car Dealers, Card Shops, News Broadcast TV, Furniture Stores, Night Clubs, Malls, Real Estate Agencies...and many more.

         Jingle Production

Hot Tracks can create a musical idea to your slogan or ideas to give your product or business a particular sound so it can be easily remembered by your potential customers.  Also, if you are interested in advertising you product or business in a different language market (English or Spanish), Hot Tracks can translate you existing jingle to capture the same essence and message you are trying to transmit, or can create a new one from scratch in a different musical style that will appeal more to the new market you are trying to capture. ANR Media utilizes industry standard Digidesign Pro Tools for all digital recording and editing of Jingles which makes it easy to transfer sessions between studios equipped with Pro Tools.

For more information on jingles, email your questions...see contaci info below.

  Radio Spot Production

If you have a script or idea to advertise your product or business, Hot Tracks can create your Radio Spot with professional voice over talents, add music beds, effects and even translate your idea in a different language (Spanish or English).  Hot Tracks utilizes industry standard programs for all digital recording and editing of Jingles which makes it easy to transfer sessions between studios equipped with Pro Tools.

         Jingle Package A

(Rhythm, Strings, Brass, Singers) ($9500)

1-full rhythm track includes live drums + percussion (2 players)
2-full instrumental track includes guitar, piano + bass (3players)
3-full string arrangement includes 4 violins, 2 cello + 1 viola (7 players)
4-full brass arrangement including 2 trumpet, 2 trombone, 2sax (6 players)
5-vocal arrangement with backup vocal chorus + group of solo lead vocalists
           (2 male +2 female)

        Jingle Package B


1-Full Rhythm Track 
2-complete horn or string arrangement 
3-piano bass drums guitar (4 players)
4 vocalist share leads and backgrounds

        Jingle Package C


1-all music tracks sampled and sequenced

Call for pricing based on production cost !

          Jingle Package D 

Jingles pricing varies depending on if music is programmed, recorded with musicians, how many voices or type of voices you want, how many versions you want, if we have to translate lyrics etc.

           Package D - 1

Basic Jingle starts at *$1000.00 per Jingle. This includes:

Basic pre-production of up to three musical ideas (only one of the three will be used as a final for production). 
Studio time. 
1 singer (male). 
Programmed music. 
Adaptation of your slogan or idea. 
5 master CD's with a 30Sec. version, a 1 Min version and a 1 minute only music version. 
Authorization to use the Jingle royalty free as many times as you'd like and anywhere you want. 
Radio Spots Pricing varies depending  on how many voice over talents you want, if using music background or not, specific effects if we write the script(s) and how many versions etc.

  Package D - 2

Basic Spot starts at *$600.00 per spot. This includes:

2 voice over talents (male/male or male/female). 
Up to 4 hrs. studio time (recording & editing). 
Basic looped based music. 
Digital editing. 
5 CD's. 
1 revision. 
Authorization to use the spot as many time as you'd like and anywhere you want. 


     Why Do You Need A Jingle?

1. A jingle creates greater campaign awareness.
- A talking spot goes in one ear and out the other. A jingle sticks in people’s memories forever.
- If you play your jingle as often as you play your talking spot, people will remember you far better.

2. A jingle lasts longer on air.
- The same song will not get tiresome when played for years. Try that with the same speech.

3. A jingle SAVES YOU MONEY because you don’t have to run your ad as often. 
- You can cut the number of times you play the spot because it is more memorable.

4. A jingle creates a distinctive personality.
- “The jingle makes it sound like they have good food.”

5. A jingle builds a favorable attitude toward the advertiser.
- “That sounds like a fun place to go.”

6. Radio will feature a jingle in the ad spot rotation.
- The order of ad spots is not random. Jingles get pushed to the front of the rotation, along with long-time or national advertisers, because the music doesn’t jar people’s attention to the fact that there is an ad going on and makes for a smoother transition to the ad rotation.
- A jingle will therefore be less likely to be tuned out. People haven’t bothered to switch the station yet, and the jingle is not as annoying as other forms of advertising.
- You will be heard by more potential customers, so you get more for your advertising dollar.

7.A jingle cuts through radio clutter. 
- It stands out from talk-over-canned music, all talk ads, etc.

8. Many major companies use jingles.
- Having one puts you in their league.
- You gain extra prestige by having your own jingle.
- McDonald's is one of the most successful companies in the world in part because all of their advertising campaigns have been spearheaded by jingles. You can probably sing one right now!

9. A jingle translates easily to secondary media (TV, print, etc.) -- Saving You Money!
- Suggestion: Run an ad on the air for a month, then run it in print only for a month (which is much cheaper). People will walk in singing your ad.
- Even if you only run a radio spot during certain seasons, people will still remember your name and song year-round.

10. If you have a jingle and your competition does not, YOU WILL WIN!

11. Research Shows!
- A Yale University study featured in the NY Times showed that when people were exposed to the same information in song and speech form, they remembered ten times more information when it was in song form.

12. People tune into radio stations to hear music. 
When they hear something else, they tune out. A jingle makes listeners keep listening - because it's music.

13. A jingle becomes AS IDENTIFIABLE as your logo/slogan.
Over time, as it rattles in the minds of listeners, it stretches a small company’s advertising budget. It helps a small business to be heard above the din of the radio.

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